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Informed retirees are finding new ways to help take back control and enjoy their lives by attending our educational dinner workshops. Find money falling through the cracks and redirect those dollars to vacations, eating out, grandkids, medical expenses, charity, or whatever you desire.

Retirement Planning Dinner Event

Attend one of our free dinner seminars to learn how to potentially cut your taxes, lower your market risk, potentially increase your income and much more.

Lunch-n-Learn Workshops

Attened one of our lunch-learns at a local restaurant if the evening is a bad time for you.

Home to Office Screen Share

Schedule an appointment from the comfort of your own living room with our advisor in house.

You may learn…

  • The 3 biggest misconceptions that your CPA, attorney and financial advisor may be missing.

  • If you have mutual funds you may be affected by phanton income taxes. Stop this taxation now!

  • If you own an annuity, one simple question can save you and your heirs thousands in taxes.

  • What today’s smartest investors are doing to uncover hidden tax and investment risks to avoid nightmares in the future.


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The associates of RB Welborn Financial are not qualified tax professionals. You should consult with your CPA or other tax advisors on tax related matters. 

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