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People hae many partners in their financial life. Are you happy with the partners in your life?

Do you know that 2 of the main partners in your life are most likely your broker & the IRS?  Other partners in your life may include your CPA, attorney, insurance agent, or any other person in the financial services industry. Is the IRS and your broker being paid money that you are not even aware of? Do you know how to find out why they are being paid this money? Do you know how much they are making? Do you know what questions to ask?

Your partners are getting their fees and taxes.  If you’re making some money along with them it may not be a real big deal, but what about when you lose a lot of money?  You don’t get paid but your partners still do.  It’s in their contract.  And, at age 70 ½, the IRS even gets a bonus because of your IRA’s Required Minimum Distributions even if you are still showing losses.


Recent studies done by Dalbar and reports by MorningStar tell us that if you own mutual funds or if you might have made investment decisions without all the facts you’re most likely paying more than you thought.

We have a list of over 40 places where your money may be falling through the cracks!  Just a few of these may be due to Social Security Taxation, Phantom Income Tax, Fees, Turnover Costs, Transaction Fees, Non Deductible Losses, and on and on.  Thousands of dollars you may be losing each year… every year… No wonder recent surveys of affluent Americans tell us that their major frustration is their advisors should be more proactive about future issues that might affect their financial well being. 

Do you know what questions to ask your partners?  Do you know the 5 Critical Questions to ask?  It is a great place to start.  Our 3 Step Review will help you specifically identify the areas where money is falling through the cracks or if you have other hidden risks or problems.


It is time to get all of your partners on the same page working in your best interest as the majority partner!  Take back control! 

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