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Find out if you could possibly shave years off your retirement plan or avoid financial disasters in your future.

There are many questions not usually addressed by CPAs, attorneys, financial and retirement planners and money managers.  By addressing these questions about your personal financial situation it will help you FIND the money falling through the cracks in your current planning so you can redirect those dollars to vacations, eating out, grandkids, medical expenses, utility bills, or even contributions to your favorite charity. 

It’s what we don’t know or what questions we don’t ask or clarify that may be costing us severely.  By finding out how you arrive at financial decisions we can determine if that process is perhaps flawed.  If you find out that there are flaws or missing information in your decision making process you will quickly realize where money is falling through the cracks or the problems are in your current planning, thus helping you make more informed financial decisions closely matched to your true needs and desires.

Questions not usually addressed by CPAs, attorneys, financial planners and money managers:
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  • Have you identified and quantified the true cost of all the fees and taxes on your investment returns?


  • Are you aware of, or affected by, phantom income taxes?


  • Have you quantified the past performance of your top holdings during the last two major market corrections? (2000-2003, 2007-2009)


  • Is your advisor a Fiduciary?


  • Do you take advantage of tax harvesting strategies such as offsetting losses with gains as well as properly using tax-deferred and tax-free strategies?


  • Is your current investment risk an undiagnosed problem creating a ticking time bomb in your financial future?


  • Do you use options or other strategies to mitigate investment risk?


  • Are you using strategies and/or liability coverages for additional ways to manage personal or business liability issues?


  • Assuming you own life, health, disability, or LTC insurance, are you paying for these necessary benefits with pre-tax dollars?


  • Do you have a tax-deferred annuity, qualified plan or significant capital gains buildup that you will not need for retirement income?


  • Is your business structured as a “C” corp, “S” corp, or LLC, and do you understand how the different tax structures affect your business?


  • Have any of your advisors ever suggested that you consider a Defined Benefit Plan?


  • Are you aware of all the tax, investment, or risk issues that are not addressed or solved by a will or living trust?


  • Have you used a simple set of test questions that assure all your decisions are based on facts and logic and not emotions?










If you are unsure of any of these questions it is important that you learn more now so that you avoid financial disasters in your future and take control to direct all your money for your needs, your heirs, and your favorite charity rather than investment fees, risk, and the IRS.


Take control by attending one of our workshops or going through a short no obligation personal review process.  This short preliminary discussion will quickly help you identify if we can bring “value” to you. 


On a side note, many times a significant side benefit to the work we do finds substantial opportunities for ongoing charitable contributions as we find money falling through the cracks in people’s ongoing tax or investment planning every year as well as in their estate.  An educational outreach on these issues can bring an incredible windfall to the nonprofit passions you have.  It shows those charities how to help their affluent donors find the money for ongoing and future contributions rather than only asking for a contribution.

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