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Seniors...Take Control Now!!

If you are fed up with watching your investments go up and down like a roller coaster and you are sick and tired of paying high taxes on income and especially your Social Security, then it’s time for you to Take Control.


Savvy retirees are focusing on minimizing the risk in their investments and legally halting Social Security taxation.  They are finding that “peace of mind” is more important than a “piece of pie in the sky” and they are spending their Social Security check on the things they care about instead of giving a big chunk of it back in taxes.

Take control of your investments – Focus on lowering risk without lowering rate of return.


Take control of your income taxes - Lower or eliminate Social Security Taxation and phantom income tax.


Take control of your future - Eliminate confusion and stress and enjoy peace of mind.

If you feel it’s time to be selfish from Wall Street and the IRS then join the thousands of retirees who are focusing on lowering their risk and taxation and taking back control of their lives.

Not sure this is for you?  Ask yourself these questions.

Do you know what questions to ask your accountant that will allow you to lower or eliminate Social Security Taxation?


Do you know what phantom income is and how to put a stop to it on your tax return?


Do you sleep comfortably or get confused after looking at your brokerage statement values or listening to your broker’s explanations of your investments?


Do you know what questions you should ask your broker about risk in your investments?


Do you know what alternatives can give you the rate of return you desire without the risk you currently have?

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